Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Truck

Buying a well maintained used truck could be a better choice than buying a new one. They come at a low price and they give good value for your money.  For many companies or individuals with a limited budget, buying a used truck is the only option as the cost of a new truck is prohibitively high. There are many individuals or companies who quickly sell the trucks they recently bought because they may need immediate cash for something else more important. These types of used trucks in mint condition are the best trucks to buy as they give excellent value for your money.

There are thousands of used trucks that are on the market for sale at any given time. It will not be a problem finding one which is in the range of your budget. Since buying used vehicles- it could be a car, an SUV or a truck- comes with its share of some risks, you will have to take the time out to do some research on the internet  or take the advice of a an experience truck mechanic before purchasing the used truck.
There are numerous sites on the web which gives basic information and guidelines you have to follow before you make the payment for your  pre-owned truck. That way you can make an informed decision to get the best value for your money. Let us discuss some of the points you should consider while you are on the look out to buy a good quality used truck for yourself.
You can browse through the internet and enter forums where people chat about trucks. They could be discussing about truck parts, performance of a used truck they had bought recently, which companies sell high quality trucks with affordable pricing and where to find good mechanic shops to check the used truck you are considering to buy and all other things related to trucks.
Some websites provide trustworthy information and customer reviews about various truck companies and performance of various types of pre-owned trucks.  Some companies make better and more durable trucks than others in the same price range. They also discuss other important details such as the suspension of the truck, the condition of the radiator, cooling system, gearbox, clutch and brakes. It is a great source of information and it will be a big help when you actually are about to buy a used truck.
You should thoroughly inspect the used truck before buying it. It a good idea to take it for a long drive to check for any problems in the engine as some pre-owned trucks can sometimes have engines which make grumbling noises, this could be a sign that there is something seriously wrong with the engine. You should also check out the interiors of the truck like the seat and how much spacious it is as truck drivers usually drive for long distances at a time so the interiors have to be comfortable. You should also check the exterior of the truck for scratches and dents.
I would also recommend you to buy a used truck which comes with a warranty or guarantee period. It will not only give you a sense of security against potential repairs the truck might need later on but also peace of mind.  If you are buying a used truck without a warranty period, then make sure you have some spare money as the cost of maintenance of a truck is usually high. You should also not hesitate to negotiate hard with the dealer or the seller.
Asking for a vehicle history report is always a good idea. Used truck dealers provide this kind of information. You should also check the mileage of the truck and whether it was used in urban areas or for highway driving more as this can affect the condition of the engine. Usually, urban driving leads to more wear and tears of the parts of the truck in general.

To summarize, there are many pre-owned trucks out in the market for sale. If you follow all the points given above, then you are sure to get a used truck in mint condition and best value for your money.

Don’t Trust the Jug – Prevent Engine Failure

Don’t trust the jug, jug being the radiator reservoir jug. I’ve seen this problem a lot. Your car or truck seems to be running hot, but you have plenty of coolant in your radiator reservoir jug, so you think it’s fine. But it’s not and your engine gets ruined.

This is especially serious on your Isuzu npr, Isuzu nqr, Isuzu ftr and frrs, the UD1200, UD1300, UD1400, UD1800, UD2600 trucks because they are much more expensive than cars.

What happens is, in a vacuum reservoir type system, the engine gets a leak or the hose gets a leak . This system counts on a vacuum to draw water out, which is fine until you get a hole in the cooling system somewhere. Then it can’t draw water out — can’t pull a vacuum; therefore, your truck runs hot. This ruins a very expensive motor and causes thousands of dollars in damage within just a few minutes.
The best way to avoid this problem, is to physically lift the cab before you crank in the morning when the engine has been cool for at least 2-3 hours and physically check the radiator level.

DO NOT OPEN THE RADIATOR UNTIL THE ENGINE HAS AT LEAST SEVERAL HOURS COOLING TIME. Open the radiator, on a cold engine, very slowly. If you open the radiator on a warm or hot engine, you will risk getting seriously burned.
Just because the reservoir jug may be full, does NOT mean you have coolant in the radiator. Please check the coolant in the radiator while the truck is cold.