How to Drive Box Trucks Safely

Driving your Isuzu or Hino Box Truck can rather be risky, but we have 7 essential things to keep in mind while driving a truck you’re not accustomed to driving.


This truck will take much longer to stop than your car, especially when loaded. Dont tailgate, avoid traffic if you can, and be prepared to stop. Give yourself more room than you usually do from the car infront of you, because stopping will take much much longer than a regular truck or car.

Getting Gas

Find a gas station that is large and uncrowded. That way you avoid backing up and can just drive foward the whole time, you don’t want to have to worry about making a turn too sharp and clipping something. Just find a wide gas station, with few cars, and enough room to manuever easily.

Be familiar with the exact height of the truck before driving. If you see an overhang, make sure your truck can fit underneath.


Don’t be afraid to walk a long distance after parking. Don’t try to go in a crowded lot and find a tight area. Avoid backing up if you are not used to the length and blindspots of this vehicle.

Loading Docks

The best way to back into a loading dock is to roll down your windows, and always have someone guide you if you can. Otherwise, get out of the vehicle, inspect all things behind you, then get back in and do it slowly. Warn the people around you of what your are doing so no one gets in the way.

Side Mirrors

Most likely, using side mirrors can be awkward especially if you are accustomed to using the rear-view mirror. But when you are driving box trucks you must constantly check your side mirrors for approaching traffic. The design of these vehicles do not allow a rear-view window to be installed thus side mirrors are essential.

You must be aware that this is the only way of viewing traffic from the back and the sides. Driving this type of vehicle requires that you are comfortable with the mirror, that is why having a passenger beside if also helpful.


Using The Help Of A Passenger

Having a passenger help you will help stop common errors. The other person can help you back out a large vehicle, check for oncoming traffic and determine safety of the automobile.

Driving a large vehicle can be risky as you have lots of blind spots. This is especially true if you are just adjusting to the controls. A passenger or a co-pilot beside you will certainly help fill up these blind spots. This is not always an option though, so sometimes you will have to rely on mirrors. Perhaps setting up a second set of mirrors can help you with visibility.


Staying Aware

Among all other driving guidelines, awareness of the surrounding is of utmost importance. Since you are driving a large vehicle, you must always be mindful of where you are at positioned the road. Failure to determine positions proves to be the main cause of many accidents.

In fact, over compensating can often lead to major errors. To prevent unnecessary accidents, you must take your time and follow traffic rules at all times. This makes driving a box truck a lot easier.

Using your side mirrors gives you an overall view of the traffic around you. Having someone as a co-pilot gives you extra safety and prevents any accidents. Being mindful of the surroundings ensures the safety of everyone in traffic. Remember these guidelines by heart and you are on your way to a safe drive.

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High quality used truck parts

People who own trucks need high-quality truck parts for smooth operations. It is a fact that for purchasing vehicle components one has to visit various outlets to get the desired product, and if it is out of stock or unavailable then it could be a cause of worry for some.

However, these days many companies have started the business of providing truck supplies and parts on the Internet. They have come up with their websites where an individual can choose from a wide collection of components for his vehicle. Some of the dealers offer used truck parts such as engine, injectors, injection pump, Engine Control Module (ECM), Transmission Control Module (TCM) and more. This could be a great option for those who want to save money and get the required item by paying minimal cost.

Buying a heavy-duty vehicle is a costly affair. A company belonging to this industry offers used ud trucks for sale as well. This means people who want to buy a heavy-duty vehicle but cannot spend too much on it can benefit from this opportunity.

While searching on the web, customers can view on-line setups that showcase all kinds of truck engines, transmissions and other parts. The motive behind creating these websites is to facilitate customers to purchase truck parts without any difficulty. They can simply input the automobile details such as its make, model, series, and year and mention the component they want to order. In addition to it, one needs to provide his information as well such as buyer’s name, e-mail, etc. Once the order is placed and the payment is made; one can get the delivery of the product within no time.

It is seen that many people do not prefer purchasing truck-parts on-line. The reason could be the fear of receiving a damaged product or a component that needs repair work. In order to avert such issues, it is highly recommended to check the background of the company you are going to buy the product from. If the firm is in this industry for long, provides quality products and has a large client-base, then this means one can contact it without any hesitation.
Whether a person has Mitsubishi FUSO, Freightliner M2 or Isuzu trucks, he can get used truck parts from an on-line shop at reasonable prices where the quality of the purchased product is not compromised on.

All one needs to do is find a company on which he can trust with his truck component requirements.

Finding truck parts in no time

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An air compressor is a type of brake that brings a vehicle to a halt. They are usually found only in medium or heavy road vehicles such as trucks and buses. This brake system never runs out of fluid, so there are no chances of brake failures. These brakes ensure safety to the max as they are designed with fail-safe capacity to stop the vehicle, in case of a leakage. Air brake compressor suppliers like Hino, Nissan, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Caterpillar are big names in the automobile industry. Find a store that delivers these parts timely.

A battery box comprises of a lead-acid battery. These batteries are made of three major components, plastic, aluminum and steel. A battery is designed in such a way that it lasts for a long-time. It is important to have a battery box to protect the battery inside the vehicle. Locate and replace your battery with Hino 268, Hino 2005-Up, Isuzu FRR WT5500 1999-2005 and Isuzu NPR 2007-Up.

A fuel tank is a container that stores fluids needed to run a vehicle. Then these fluids are released into the engine. A fuel tank is needed to store fuel, filling and venting. Diesel fuel tanks are built exactly how other automotive tanks are made. The capacity of a diesel tank is larger though. Used truck parts like fuel tanks are available for Nissan, Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Mack.

Isuzu diesel is the Japanese car, commercial and heavy truck manufacturer. Their lineup comprises of trucks, buses, Pick-up trucks & Sport-Utility Vehicles (SUV) and Power trains. Isuzu Brake Compressor 6HE1 can be used in 1995-1998 Isuzu FTR, GMC W5, W6 and W7. If you’re looking out for a different model for your vehicle, you can go for  Isuzu Brake 6HK1 FRR GMC WT5500 1998-up.

Buyers are responsible for the freight charges. Shipment charges are applied because these used parts are obviously heavy. An email with the tracking number will be sent. You can check the status of your shipment at any time.

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Air Break Compressor: Essential for the Safety of the Driver

An air break compressor system is a type of friction break that is operated to compress air. This is done by holding a piston by applying pressure to the brake pad to halt the vehicle. This system is usually used for heavy road vehicles such as buses and trucks.
Air brake compressors differ in all vehicles. The air brakes on a train have a slightly different mechanism as compared to a truck. The features of a train air brake are  similar consisting of a reservoir, piston and brake shoes. Trucks have a straightforward and are a compact version of the same. Air brake compressor suppliers whom we deal with are Hino, Nissan, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Caterpillar.

Hino is part of the Toyota group of companies. So you know you’re buying a genuine part or an accessory. The 03 Hino FB JO5C Brake Compressor has been used previously and is from a 2003 model truck and can fit on a 99-03 FA and FB truck with the same engine. Other models available with us are Hino Air Compressor J08C-TP 1998-2003 used, and Hino Compressor J08E 2005-Up used.

Nissan Diesel Motor Company was established in 1984 and has its headquarters  in Texas. Ask anyone and they will tell you that UD trucks have an exceptional reputation when it comes to quality, durability and dependability features. UD Brake Compressor 1800CS 1999-2004 used is from a 1994-2004 ud trucks model and has an air over hydraulic. Do let us know what your requirements are so that we can update you on its availability and price. Other models you can find are UD Compressor 1800 2000 2300 2600 3300 FE6TA 1995-1998 Used, UD Compressor 1800 2000 2300 2600 3300 FE6TA 1999-2004 Used and more.

Isuzu Motors was founded in 1916. Our product lineup comprises of trucks, buses, Pick-up trucks & Sport-Utility Vehicles (SUV) and Power trains. Isuzu motors have the longest history as compared to any other Japanese vehicle manufacturer. Isuzu Brake Compressor 6HE1 FTR GMC W5 W6 W7 1995-1998 used will fit a 1995-1998 Isuzu FTR, GMC W5, W6 and W7. If you’re looking out for a different model for an Isuzu vehicle we also have Isuzu Brake 6HK1 FRR GMC WT5500 1998-Up.

Caterpillar (CAT) is an American company that specializes in heavy equipments while Mitsubishi is a Japanese multinational conglomerate. Models available are Caterpillar 3406 Used, and Mitsubishi Fuso FM FK 6D16 used. Any questions you might have just let us know regarding prices, availability or any other matter.


Some Tips and Tricks to Follow While Buying a Used Truck

Buying a used truck can be a viable option for many people who want to buy a truck for business purpose or self-employment purposes as new trucks can be quite expensive. In the past, it was much more difficult to get the exact model and brand of truck you want and which falls within your budget too. You probably had to go through the hassle of visiting used truck showrooms or meet the owners of the used trucks yourself. But with the advent of e-commerce, you just need to go online and specify the model and brand of truck you want and a search engine will give you a long list of used trucks available for sale- either directly posted by the owner or by a used truck dealer. If you do your research well you can get lucky and find cheap used trucks which is still in a very good condition.
Some people buy new trucks to start a transport business or for other self-employment purposes but if they find that their business is not doing well and they are actually incurring losses, they quickly shut down their trucking business. They sell these trucks which are all still in mint condition to used truck dealers or post it in ads; these are the best kind of used trucks in USA to buy.
Purchasing a used truck comes with its share of risks. You are never really sure if you are getting the best value for your money. If you are looking to buy a used truck there are a number of points that should be taken into consideration to ensure that you get a quality vehicle.
You can browse through the internet to find a number of helpful websites which are designed for the sole purpose of educating the customer about how to get the best value for your money. These websites have ratings, reliable information and reviews from past customers. Since online stores are not located in a particular location and can ship anywhere, you can even order international truck parts wherever you are.
Before you make any kind of payment, make sure about the condition of the used truck like the quality of the engine and capacity. Buyers can also take the help of an independent mechanic to get correct information about the condition of the engine or if it has undergone any major repairs before. Make it a point to check its essential documents like its registration and insurance papers. It is always advisable to accurately know about its reliability, durability and fuel efficiency.
Some other important points to consider are that you should always request a vehicle history report. Most used truck dealerships will provide you with this kind of information and if you are directly buying from the owner of the truck, you should insist he provides you with this information. When buying from a used truck dealer, make sure you know how much your budget is actually so that you can afford all the payment for the insurance, registration and road taxes etc.

To sum it up, buying a used truck of the model and brand you want has become much easier than before; you just need to do proper research on the internet. If you follow the tips given above, buying a used truck can be a very good option if you are on a limited budget and want to save a large amount of money.