How To Tell If Your Engine Block Is Cracked

The coolant in your Mitsubishi Fuso, Isuzu, Hino, or UD freight truck operates in a closed system, meaning that it circulates from the engine’s cooling passages to the radiator, the heater core and back again. It should never leave that loop. If somehow getting into the oil passages or the cylinders (and, from there, out the tailpipe) something has gone terribly wrong. Your head gasket has cracked, your head itself has cracked or, worst of all, your block has cracked.

You can crack an engine block many different ways, but some of the more common ways are:

– Running water through the cooling system instead of antifreeze in cold weather
– Running cold water through an already hot engine

A cracked engine block can cause performance troubles with any Mitsubishi Fuso FE, FH, FK or UD 1200, 1300, 1400, 1800 or 2000 series, Isuzu NPR, NQR, GMC W3500, 4500, 5500, any other mid size truck or even regular passenger cars, and in time, can cause your vehicle to stop running altogether. Fortunately, there are ways to identify a crack in the engine block, which can help lead to repairs or replacements.

  1. Look for leaking engine coolant, most notably as it drains out the bottom of a car. This is a telltale sign of a cracked engine block, and in time, can cause an engine to overheat.
  2. Check the dashboard and check gauges. If any of the dashboard lights come on, whether related to oil or coolant, this could signify a cracked engine block. Also, if the temperature gauge begins to signal overheating, this could mean engine coolant is leaking, which is a potential sign of a cracked engine block.
  3. Look for extra smoke coming out of an automobile’s exhaust pipe. While a certain amount is common, extra amounts–long trails coming out of an exhaust pipe–could signify a cracked engine block.
  4. Check to see if a car radiator’s mixture of engine coolant and water is optimal. This should be half water, half antifreeze, in most cases (it will often be indicated on an antifreeze bottle’s instructions). If the mixture is not proper, this can cause the mixture to freeze, which will crack the engine block.

There are very few engine failures that any mechanic would consider beyond repair, but first among them is the cracked engine block. The end result is generally irreparable damage. Additives like sodium silicate (a.k.a. “liquid glass”) can help delay complete failure of a slightly fractured block, but it will never be as strong or reliable as it once was.

Engine Block Cracked?

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How to Drive Box Trucks Safely

Driving your Isuzu or Hino Box Truck can rather be risky, but we have 7 essential things to keep in mind while driving a truck you’re not accustomed to driving.


This truck will take much longer to stop than your car, especially when loaded. Dont tailgate, avoid traffic if you can, and be prepared to stop. Give yourself more room than you usually do from the car infront of you, because stopping will take much much longer than a regular truck or car.

Getting Gas

Find a gas station that is large and uncrowded. That way you avoid backing up and can just drive foward the whole time, you don’t want to have to worry about making a turn too sharp and clipping something. Just find a wide gas station, with few cars, and enough room to manuever easily.

Be familiar with the exact height of the truck before driving. If you see an overhang, make sure your truck can fit underneath.


Don’t be afraid to walk a long distance after parking. Don’t try to go in a crowded lot and find a tight area. Avoid backing up if you are not used to the length and blindspots of this vehicle.

Loading Docks

The best way to back into a loading dock is to roll down your windows, and always have someone guide you if you can. Otherwise, get out of the vehicle, inspect all things behind you, then get back in and do it slowly. Warn the people around you of what your are doing so no one gets in the way.

Side Mirrors

Most likely, using side mirrors can be awkward especially if you are accustomed to using the rear-view mirror. But when you are driving box trucks you must constantly check your side mirrors for approaching traffic. The design of these vehicles do not allow a rear-view window to be installed thus side mirrors are essential.

You must be aware that this is the only way of viewing traffic from the back and the sides. Driving this type of vehicle requires that you are comfortable with the mirror, that is why having a passenger beside if also helpful.


Using The Help Of A Passenger

Having a passenger help you will help stop common errors. The other person can help you back out a large vehicle, check for oncoming traffic and determine safety of the automobile.

Driving a large vehicle can be risky as you have lots of blind spots. This is especially true if you are just adjusting to the controls. A passenger or a co-pilot beside you will certainly help fill up these blind spots. This is not always an option though, so sometimes you will have to rely on mirrors. Perhaps setting up a second set of mirrors can help you with visibility.


Staying Aware

Among all other driving guidelines, awareness of the surrounding is of utmost importance. Since you are driving a large vehicle, you must always be mindful of where you are at positioned the road. Failure to determine positions proves to be the main cause of many accidents.

In fact, over compensating can often lead to major errors. To prevent unnecessary accidents, you must take your time and follow traffic rules at all times. This makes driving a box truck a lot easier.

Using your side mirrors gives you an overall view of the traffic around you. Having someone as a co-pilot gives you extra safety and prevents any accidents. Being mindful of the surroundings ensures the safety of everyone in traffic. Remember these guidelines by heart and you are on your way to a safe drive.

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The Most Effective way to choosing the automobile like Isuzu Trucks

Picking an automobile is hardly ever always easy because it can be difficult to identify variations under the surface; and without sufficient research or a knowing of pickups in the marketplace, you can end up with an automobile that is not preferably best for your specifications.

Many people will look at pickups and see only an actual physical distinction, supposing that within they are all lively, unpleasant and noisy; however this is simply not the case. While transportation might not be the most extravagant career, the automobiles that are used are excellent illustrations of automobile technological innovation, professionally designed and long-lasting with the right servicing and care.

One of the most well-known and famous manufacturers generating pickups is certainly the Japanese product Isuzu, who have designed some of the most highly effective automobiles in the marketplace.

So why choose an Isuzu over a substitute automobile manufacturer? There are a variety of reasons, but below is just a choice of eight:
1. Isuzu developed their first automobile 90 years ago and have discovered and developed their concepts gradually ever since.

2. The managing available in Isuzu trucks is second-to-none for the automobile that you will be generating.

3. Isuzu is a magnificent and somewhat magnificent product, yet still symbolizes amazing cost and costs alternatives.

4. Isuzu automobiles are professionally developed and developed with ergonomics and power in mind. Isuzu automobiles can be depended upon for a number of different circumstances.

5. Considerably lower managing costs than other designs, particularly when renting an Isuzu automobile, providing fantastic value for money.

6. Isuzu engines are well known for stability and long-term utilization.

7. Isuzu has stopped promoting traveler automobiles, concentrating all of its energy on  Isuzu trucks

8. Simply, Isuzu is the biggest producer of medium to durable pickups. This is a great motivation to select Isuzu as it is extremely unlikely that there will ever be a lack of automobile areas or new generations developed. Isuzu has made its name on generating high-quality and expertly-manufactured pickups, cornering a very particular part of the industry.
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Isuzu maintains collection of used trucks and a full range of used parts are available if you are looking for some Isuzu truck parts.
Essentially is up to you, the client, to select the very best automobile for your needs and look at the industry properly and successfully, but for an efficient and highly effective automobile, you can’t go incorrect about Isuzu.